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Plot[ edit ] Nathan “Nate” Ford is a former insurance investigator and the leader of a team staging elaborate cons for clients victimized by those holding wealth and influence to avoid legal reprisal. The team comes together when Victor Dubenich, a wealthy aerospace executive, persuades Ford, disgraced and an alcoholic after the death of his son, to lead a team of talented criminals to steal aeronautical plans allegedly stolen from him by a competitor. After a successful heist, Dubenich withholds their payment and attempts to have them killed, whereupon they implicate him in a bribery attempt, which leads to his arrest by the FBI. Thereafter, they practice similar deceptions to avenge civilians who cannot use the legal system to redress their grievances. Subplots include Nate’s struggle with alcoholism, his complicated relationship with grifter Sophie Devereaux and the budding romance between hacker Alec Hardison and thief Parker. In response, they steal a collection of valuable art from Nate’s former boss, Ian Blackpoole, returning it in exchange for Blackpoole being kicked out of his own company, and disband for six months.

Leverage (TV series)

Like most characters on the show, there’s a lot of gaps in her backstory. We do know that she has been a thief since childhood, that she had a mentor with the improbable name of Archie Leach Richard Chamberlain , and that she lived some of her life in foster care. We don’t know if Parker is her first name, her last name, or an alias.

Jul 26,  · leverage television series Leverage is an American television drama series on TNT that premiered in December The series is produced by director/executive producer Dean Devlin’s production company Electric Entertainment.

The team comes together when Victor Dubenich, a wealthy aerospace executive, persuades Ford to lead a team of talented criminals to steal aeronautical plans allegedly stolen from him by a competitor. After a successful heist, Dubenich withholds their payment and attempts to have them killed; whereupon they implicate him in a bribery attempt, which leads to his arrest by the FBI.

Thereafter they practice similar deceptions to avenge civilians who cannot use the legal system to redress their grievances. After a series of extremely intricate confidence tricks, the secret project is revealed and carried off, despite the recurrent Sterling. After meeting the client, the Leverage team researches the villains to find a weakness to exploit. Each con, either as originally planned or as complications develop, typically requires the specialized skills of all the members of the group.

Towards the end of each episode, the villains seem to get the upper hand, only to be outwitted by the Leverage team. More often, the flashbacks reveal new information the viewer has not been privy to. This formula is followed by every episode in seasons one, two, and three. While Ford was working for IYS, Blackpoole decided on a policy of denying payment for every medical treatment it once covered, especially those procedures deemed experimental.

At this low point, Nate was hired to lead a group of thieves to retrieve stolen documents.

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We steal it back for you. And sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys. Timothy Hutton stars as Nate Ford, an insurance investigator known for his ability to recover stolen goods for his employer. However, after the firm denies insurance claims for his dying son, Ford decides to go against the corporate world taking freelance jobs.

Ford is soon hired by an aeronautics executive in order to recover stolen designs. He enlists the help of the best thieves and grifters in the business, and with their help, he steals from the rich and gives to the poor to help balance the crooks in high power positions.

“But you guys are dating. You were dating first. And Hardison never told me you broke up!” Alec knows that tone, that’s an upset Parker tone, and his heart gives a little clench. Alec Hardison () Parker (Leverage) () Sophie Devereaux (Leverage) () Nathan Ford () Alec Hardison & Parker & Eliot Spencer (15) Damien.

Leverage follows a five-person team: Season 1 to 4 Consists of thirteen episodes, which writers John Rogers and Chris Downey and producer Dean Devlin intended to be a complete story should the series not be renewed. Nathan Ford is a former insurance investigator with an intricate knowledge of scams. He and his team act as modern-day Robin Hoods, staging elaborate cons for clients victimized by an individual or corporation with the wealth and influence to avoid reprisal within the legal system.

The team comes together when Victor Dubenich, a wealthy aerospace executive, persuades Ford to lead a team of talented criminals to steal back aeronautical plans allegedly stolen from him by a competitor. After a successful heist, Dubenich double-crosses them, withdrawing their payment and attempting to blow them up in an abandoned warehouse. In retaliation, the group decides to run a con on Victor, eventually exposing his corruption and implicating him in a bribery attempt, which leads to his being arrested by the FBI.

When the con is complete, rather than retire, they decide to keep working for the thrill each gets doing the work they are best at, and the added bonus of how effective they are as part of an elite team.


It was dumb luck that Eliot happened to be there when they came for Hardison. Leverage belongs to TNT and Devlin et al. Feedback loved, including con crit.

Parker and Hardison have been dancing around each other for years now on “Leverage,” and finally, season 5 is when that will stop. However, just because they’re together doesn’t mean that things will change completely, and Riesgraf confirmed that’s true about the team dynamic with this new relationship.

She was the only one there and the guards found her passed out. She was also one of the only ones who had access. Or at least so Tara claims when the bureaucrat calls her. The team attempts to steal the egg by first locating in, then retrieving it. Eliot and Hardison are able to find the egg, and Parker steals it with Sterling as a distraction. Unfortunately, Nate and Maggie are captured by the security guards. The rest of the team receives a phone call from an anonymous source offering a trade — the egg for Nate and Maggie.

He gives them an address for the trade, and the team sets into motion. Lundy and Maggie at the Embassy party there’s always a party And now the twist: When he and the Leverage team arrive at the exchange site, Sam and Eliot agree to send their trades on the elevators to each other. In addition to Nate and Maggie, however, Sam sends up a bomb. Nate and Maggie are okay, and Sam gets blamed for the theft. Oh, and Sterling, for his role in the capture of Sam, gets offered a job at Interpol.

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Many more people rcognize the station by the abbreviation or at least I think. Whole conclusions can’t be derived from one line. The whole premise of the show is mostly the same. You’re right; it is original research. But I’m sure some citable reviewer has made the connection by now.

Parker and Eliot (Leverage) Find this Pin and more on Leverage by Evelynn B.. She was poking you because she couldn’t get over the fact that you actually got HURT, Eliot! xDParker and Hardison are my favorite team siblings.

This chapter is rated FR15 Chapter 3: Leverage Family Chapter 3: Okay, see, I had my plan for what Buffy would do to Sterling but was told by a close friend that it was too cruel. That it would make Buffy seem sorta sociopathic and put anyone who found out about what she did in a difficult place, ethically speaking. Originally, she was going to plant evidence that indicated he was a pedophile — at least where she was concerned.

The only charge Buffy would make verbally was that he was hanging around and making threats. It was the evidence she manufactured that was the problem to my friend. Thanks to my betas: I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.


The smell of coffee beans and pastries filled the air. Unfortunately for Parker, her nose was so sensitive to the flowers surrounding the cafe, it was hard to focus on any other scent Parker looked up through allergic tear-filled eyes and observed their target. Michael LiCata as as tall as Hardison.

Dec 08,  · It’s just another day in the life of actress Beth Riesgraf who plays Parker the cat burglar on the new TNT series Leverage that premieres tonight at 10 p.m. “It pretty much broke down like this.

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Leverage – Parker and Eliot shove Hardison over the railing (episode clip)

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