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My collection currently numbers thirteen nine dolls’ houses – I used to have over forty houses but have been steadily streamlining the collection and in over the last eight years I have sold off all my commerical antique and vintage houses but two. My primary focus is now restricted to artisan dollhouse miniatures with a few exceptions here and there. Many of my houses are displayed in one room where I painted a Rufus Porter-style mural around three sides of the room. One wall is copied from the mural that appears in the Tynietoy mansion while the other walls feature scenes from the Delaware Valley landscape, where I live with my husband and troublesome cat on the north side of the Musconetcong Mountain. Other houses are located throughout my house with the largest ones restricted to the ground floor because big houses do not fit up the narrow stairways of a year old farmhouse! A Sentimental Journey I was presented with an unusual opportunity around Thanksgiving when out of the blue, I received an email from the son of the late Gretchen Deans. If you are a newer collector, you may not know that Gretchen was one of the three founders of the original Nutshell News magazine back in and served as the East Coast editor for some years.

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Shackleton Toys British Toy Companies: Each scale model came housed in a lift-off lidded card box. No one can doubt that the Foden diecast lorries produced by Shackleton were of high quality. All the components required to build the lorries were made in-house and that included the clockwork motor. The motor was located inside the cab itself and power was transferred through a drive shaft to the vehicles rear wheels.

Here is a delightful pair of brown stained wooden garage doors from an old Tri-ang dolls house, still has all four original metal hinges plus the two original tack handles too. Each door has scored vertical lines to give the illusion of paneled doors.

Both wars disrupted the flow of toys from Germany — allowing opportunities for North American factories to churn out dollhouse furnishings — and prepared the way for the inroads of plastic in the late s. But during the ’30s, metal, wood, cardboard and cloth formed the bulk of miniatures, while plywood, fiber-boar d and cardboard were the choices for dollhouses.

Colourful printed papers were glued over these cheap materials. In tandem with commercially made products, home-made dollhouses continued to be created by doting fathers and grandfathers with home-made furnishings right such as curtains, rugs, bedding, and even furniture supplied by doting mother and grandmothers or even ambitious children. These might be mingled with factory made furniture, some of which was very cheap to purchase. Even the simplest of home-made furnishings are interesting today because the fabric patterns and colours speak to us of a past that grows ever dimmer in our memories as grandparents and parents — who lived through the Dirty Thirties — pass away in the early 21st century.

The stool has brass tacks for feet. A number of American dollhouse or dollhouse furnishings manufacturers, which began in the s, continued strongly in the ’30s such as Tootsietoy discussed in part1: Others such as Strombecker the latter 4 firms are discussed in part 2 of the s took off in the ’30s and grew steadily in the s.

One of the interesting aspects of all their products is that they are not made from plastic, which belongs to a later period. One of the styles in architecture that was particularly important in this decade — although it also appeared in the s and s — was Half Timber, also known as Tudor or Elizabethan. It may dominate a house, especially in British examples, or become a token decoration, particularly in North America. With its reliance on the past, it is yet another manifestation of the revival styles which intrigued the Victorians during the 19th century.


Today the theme is youth and these are all paper doll sets featuring teenagers of high school age. Most of these sets can be found on the free paper doll website I have mentioned previously. You can find vintage paper doll sets on such sites as eBay and Etsy.

Tri-ang houses from the late s. The large one, used until last year by the descendants of the original owner in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, has its original chimneys (see drawing below), curtains, wallpaper and floor coverings.

From tiny chandeliers to miniature chairs, beds and curtains, her lifelong collection of dolls houses then grew to around 30 different properties. And now tomorrow they will go up for sale. Related content As well as the houses, the sale will include hundreds of items of furniture. Nora, 89, from Newcastle, started the collection with her mother who bought their first second-hand dolls house with furniture in when they lived in Elswick in the city.

This was joiner-made and dated to around The sale will include the tiny chandeliers from that house. Nora remembers buying furniture from a toy shop in Newcastle called Alfreds. She started collecting again once she approached retirement from her career as a physiotherapist. She bought houses from auctions and fairs, and also picked up items on holidays, including cane furniture at a gypsy market in Yugoslavia. She also bought Japanese and Swiss Lundy furniture, which kitted out an entire house.

Margaret, who lives in Barnard Castle, began furnishing the craftsman-made house 18 years ago, based on the actual items at Doughty Street which is now a Dickens museum. She loaned it for a year to the Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle, whose exhibition on Dickens ended last month. The Woodhorn Matters group, based at Woodhorn Museum in Northumberland, produced four proggy and clippy mats, each four and a half inches by two inches, for the house.


Laurie wakes up to find Doctor Manhattan has duplicated himself in order to “please her” but ends up freaking out. And she gets really mad when she discovers that a fourth Doctor Manhattan had been working in the lab all that time. The moral of the story is: Happens in the story “Family Reunion”, with clones instead of twins.

Another has the classic version, with the twins having some fun with the Monster Under The Bed.

Tri-ang Dolls Houses Database, Vol 1, Sign In or Register to add photos This Album features Lines Bros’ Tri-ang Dolls Houses, which were in production from until , plus No 80 (), Nos 81 and 82 (both ), the No 1 shop (), Peggy Lines’ own dolls house from the early s (which was not produced commercially), and the Princess models ().

Flippin the kipper, Quintro, Totpoly, chess and draught boards etc 22 Group boxed Star Wars micro machine toy sets 23 Period games and puzzles incl. Victory jigsaws, chess, wooden puzzles etc 24 Boxed Aurora game, ‘The Original Wooden Skittle Bowl’ 25 Two boxes mixed bottles; stoneware, local cods, inks, blacking jars, ginger beers 26 Two tone stoneware flagon R.

Chipperfields circus crew, Corgi Chitty Chitty bang bang etc Bayko boxed building sets Reproduction fire chief advertising sign Quantity unboxed, in played with condition Dinky model vehicles Two piece spinning rod, two three piece course rods and modern fishing rod, all with bags S. Y Victorian model steamship 3. Chad Valley saloon, Minic traction engine etc Three vintage fishing rods Group playing cards and games incl. A Boxed Corgi die cast model vehicle bus with certificate 1: S Carnegie fire vehicle Walthers HO scale model railroad car group; coach, 31 dining car, 21 sightseer, 11 sleeping, car x2 , 41 transition sleeper plus McKinley Explorer silver series and two Amtraks, all boxed Boxed Corgi die cast tankards; Gulf Diamond T , Mack Richfield, Mack Flying A, 1: Y smoker’s striker and cow bell R.

Engineers, George VI efficiency medal R. Artillery GNR W. E, with written research Group metal police badges, mainly British with several overseas badges plus bag modern badges German army T-shirt Nazi swastika cloth piece Edward VII L. Dinky, Corgi, Lesney Cased musical children’s fair Carousel model no. Thomson 66″ long,

HATTATT: Three Lines Make a Triangle

Or, simply, if you wish, Kiddies at heart. Or, believe us to have been deprived as children. But, whatever, neither of us, and not out of lack of want, ever owned a dolls’ house. That is, until now. Purchased privately, and delivered to the door, the latest addition to our Brighton ‘rooms’ is a Lines Bros. By the end of the Great War in the second generation of three brothers, then named Lines Bros.

Dating soon after break up I split up from my ex a month ago But like the title states quality residential pre, The court 4) funny birthday wishes for brothers and 5) happy birthday wishes for brother from sister.

Well what a busy and exciting day it’s been on the dolls’ house front today! Starting with the busy bit, I spent the whole morning examining, comparing, measuring and photographing Grecon feet until I was almost cross-eyed! I’m still working on the ‘ About Grecon Dolls ‘ page of my Grecondale blog site and the section on feet is proving to be never-ending. My aim is to identify and document all of the different foot shapes in my collection and then to attempt to date them as accurately I can, based on any and all information I can lay my hands on.

So far I’ve identified seven different adult foot shapes and I still have the children and toddlers to go. I’ll get there eventually, I’m sure. And now for the exciting bit

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As you probably know by now I have a bit of a thing about gasmasks, and of course you’re well aware of my thing about dolls, so a doll in a gasmask? Well, seriously how can I resist?! Sadly, by the time I knew she existed she was discontinued and hard as heck to get hold of unless you have a couple of hundred quid to spare, so the release of The Four Horseman of The Apocalypse series with War in his gasmask was of great interest to me and of course he ended up on my wishlist – Lucky for me Aaron, knowing my problem bought him for my Birthday too!

Apart from the fact this doll comes with a gasmask, the other thing that drew me to him was his Surcoat and mantle which is based on The Knights Templar, The Order of Solomon’s Temple.

Tri-ang’s degree of organisation in numbering their houses makes it easier for enthusiast groups to share information on specific models, and the sheer number of dollhouse models that Triang put out means that once you’re bought one old Tri-ang dollhouse, it’s awfully tempting to start collecting more.

All without any hitches. It is a massive relief to be reunited with our bikes at ‘outsize luggage’. Customs officers insist on power washing our mudguards in case we have accidentally brought in some nasty foreign pollen, but are very friendly and chatty. Now for some shut-eye Notices warning that the sea is ‘croc’ infested explain the deserted golden sands.

On our return, some hours later, the tide is a mile out. Now groups of children feel safe enough to stray onto the beach from the many nearby Saturday BBQ parties. The large number of exotic birds, all new to us, is astounding skip this paragraph if not a bird fan. This bird fest is not surprising, as more than half of Australia’s bird species are found in tropical N. A Dutch cycling couple near our pitch tell us that the road N is tarmaced as far as Cape Tribulation approx miles from Cairns.

We decide to cycle there so that we can claim to have started the great Oz trip at the very start of the tarmac road. Brahminy Kites soar overhead. As we approach here over a creek, we see our 1st ‘croc’, staring at us from a mud-bank. A pair of nocturnal Bush Stone Curlews are snoozing by our tent until dusk falls, when they go into hyper-drive, scurrying all over the place, like ‘Roadrunner’.

Truly Madly Tiny: October

Issue 30 July p18 Tri-ang Dolls Houses Database, Vol 1, Sign In or Register to add photos This Album features Lines Bros’ Tri-ang Dolls Houses, which were in production from until , plus No 80 , Nos 81 and 82 both , the No 1 shop , Peggy Lines’ own dolls house from the early s which was not produced commercially , and the Princess models These s models have been included in this Volume because, stylistically, they have more in common with the houses from the s than those from the s.

Please see Volume 2 for all the other models produced between and Production resumed in and continued until the firm went into liquidation in Those models from which were new designs, may be seen in Volume 3. Pre-war models which resumed production in are not included in Volume 3.

I searched for articles about Tri-ang Houses and photos in Doll House magazines – for years in vain, until Marion Osborne was finally able to identify it for me. Amazingly, It is a no. 75, which is quite rare and was made for only 2 years – /

December 1st, Williamsport, IN: This sale will start at the normal time of 10 AM Eastern, and will be available to view live on StoutAuctions. This sale will be a majority HO, but will we also mix in some O gauge, and O scale brass trains. The HO trains in this sale will consist of both European and American trains. Also included for the toy collector in this sale will be a few wonderful lots of Wiking vehicles, many vintages and still in original boxes. Almost all of the higher end steam engines are New York Central.

There will be a wide selection of locomotives including Hudsons, Mohawks, and other road engines. There will also be complete passenger sets, rolling stock, Kato track, DCC controllers, and more. We will also have another selection of Fine Scale Miniatures craftsman kits and other accessories.

Making Dolls’ House Furniture – Tips for Working with Wood

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