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X – Part Eleven Eek! I left so many pieces out of the puzzle out of the finished product but maybe I could use those discarded fragments in other pieces of writing? The possibilities are endless. I apologize to any readers who were hoping for Part Three of Fourth Period over this, all in due time, my loves. Writing a song in five weeks seemed inexplicably impossible. Baekhyun and I had finished our song on time, three days before our deadline. Chanyeol was scheduled to meet me in the studio in twenty minutes, Baekhyun supposedly following right behind the giant. Not being able to do much work on my own, I resorted to settling in the spinny chair at the back of the room, taking my phone out immediately in order to catch up on social media. While some speculated that it was linked to her secret hospital visit some time ago, others thought she was leaving the group.

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Yoona and Seeung Gi are officially dating! Although I’ve always been shipping them and thought they were perfect for each other, I’m going to be honest and admit I never saw this coming. Because they were too perfect. Too perfect to come true. Seunggi had been claiming Yoona as his ideal woman for how long? I don’t remember, but all I know is that he’s never let us down with his public affection toward Yoona.

Dag lieve vrouw, dag lieve mam Dag allerliefste oma, nu ben je weggegaan. Al je werken en al je zorgen Maar nu is het gedaan.

Baekyeon You’ve probably heard about the news of Baekhyun and Taeyeon dating. It kinda made me tear up but it’s alright! I love the both of them anyway: Honestly, i didnt know that was coming and i was a little shocked when i first saw the news. Many Exo fans are upset because of this news. I feel you guys! But some are going a little too overboard by offending Taeyeon like saying that she’s not compatible with Baekhyun or she’s too old for him.

Well, did you know that most Korean guys like noonas more? We cannot accept this fact but, it’s not as if we have a chance to date Baekhyun or something. At least Taeyeon has more possibility to date him. Besides, they are humans afterall, therefore they are free to date!

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This is my personal opinion and everything is derived from my own observations. Also, credits to the person who made the gifs. If there are any misconceptions made by me in terms of body language, please let me know and let me know what they really mean. Kyungsoo is the one in the white sweater in the right corner. In body language, you usually do this to appear more attractive to someone which is usually a result of your own attraction to someone. This boy literally does this for an unusually long period of time and even begins to fondle with his ear.

After all, Baekhyun had been ‘in love’ with Taeyeon for a while now, and it was pretty clear they were to only be friends. Baekhyun stares at the lyrics he was writing, and frowns, saving before closing it.

When did Taeyeon and Baekhyun start dating? They first met in It was when SM took Baekhyun in as a trainee, and it is then when they started developing their friendship. They started liking each other last year, and they started their relationship in February. What do they like about each other? Baekhyun was a fan of Taeyeon ever since he was a trainee. Taeyeon noticed Baekhyun the most out of the other EXO members.

She liked his cute appearance and his perseverance. Taeyeon would look after Baekhyun when he would practice until early in the morning. What are their similarities? Baekhyun has been a trainee for 7 months. He realized he was lacking in many ways compared to the other members.

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Jan 20,  · idol members have confirmed their participation in the upcoming MBC ‘Idol Star Athletics and Swimming Championships‘ for the Lunar New Year Special. The ‘Idol Star Swimming and Athletics Championships’ will be broadcasted as a two-day special for February 5th and 6th, and it was created after the great success of the original ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships‘,.

Before and after debut Some facts says Baekhyun and Sehun baths together. But HunHan also baths together Kris went on tumblr before. Lay aspires to become a musical talent like Henry Luhan: ExoAid During a fan signing event, a fan gave SeHun a slip of paper. The paper has three options. I belong in EXO-K. Why should I care about M? SeHun chose option 1. O once wanted to be a hairstylist. But no one in EXO-K wants him as their hairstylist.

ExoAid Lay is opposite on stage and off stage — on stage- strong charisma -Off stage- filled with humor and cuteness Chanyeol and Sehun are close to each other since they were training. Tell me 3 reasons why you love Do Kyungsoo? O cooks delicious breakfast.

5 Girls’ Generation Members Have Confirmed Relationships This Year : News : KpopStarz

Dari dulu sampai sekarang gue belum berubah. Masih tetep jadi manusia Fandom gue, fandom 3 huruf. Sekarang jamannnya overdose Kan ada desas desus bahwa lirik lagu mama mengandung unsur illuminati. Tapi setelah gue ubek ubek Google, ternyata gk mengandung unsur illuminati! Tidak peduli, tidak peduli. Lepaskan yang tidak dikenal, tidak dikenal Heartless, mindless.

Blading. Also called juicing. Blading is the art of keeping a small blade hidden away in a wrestler’s trunks, wrist tape, or on the referee (who will pass it to the wrestler when it’s time), so when the match reaches a certain point the wrestler can cut themselves as the camera pans away; simulating a .

February 7, Hi, entah kenapa malam ini aku iseng membuat sebuah observasi kecil dan mencoba untuk mencari tahu, apasih yang membuat orang-orang membenci BaekYeon. Dapat dikatakan bahwa BaekYeon shipper itu masih bersifat minoritas. Dari kata kunci ini, aku tentu menemukan banyak tweet yang berhubungan dengan kebencian mereka terhadap BaekYeon. Berikut adalah tweet-tweet yang aku pilih sebagai sample dalam observasi kecilku ini — dan tentunya aku tidak mencantumkan uname mereka, cukup tahun tweetnya aja yang aku cantumkan.

Kayanya emang lebih enak sama mbak polar Bener-bener gue mah benci banget sama BaekYeon walau udah putus Gue benci BaekYeon. Gue benci BaekYeon couple sumpah Dasar pasangan editan! Dari yang aku tangkap, mereka semua membenci keberadaan BaekYeon di dunia ini. Entah alasan apa yang membuat mereka bisa memilih untuk membenci. Dari data diatas aku menangkap, terdapat beberapa alasan yang sedikit abu-abu — mengapa mereka membenci BaekYeon, seperti: Pasangan editan — not real 4.

Lebih baik mereka berpasangan dengan orang lain 5.

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A fight for contract termination might occur There seems to be another one. This time, it’s a big company A and a very famous idol group member B. B is currently speaking up to withdraw from his group. Because of B, A has stopped all of the group’s promotions.

Kim Tae-yeon () – The reports of Baekyun dating singer Kim Tae-yeon first surfaced in the summer of It was pointed out by the tabloids that they were exchanging subtle messages on the social media. Their relationship was eventually confirmed in July by SM Entertainment.

Welcome to The Power of Light!! Baekhyun admits that following cameras on stage is hard. Baekhyun feels so nervous on stage that sometimes his legs are almost trembling. Baekhyun tried to use less eye-liner. At first, Baekhyun worried if eye-liner would suit him well. But he relieved when he found out that his fans actually love it.

Baekhyun wants to try many images for his appearances. Baekhyun admits that his high school friends sometimes laughed when they saw him danced. According to Kai, Baekhyun is a talented dancer. Baekhyun wants to try every kind of CF, and testing his acting skill. When he was in high school, Baekhyun often made a cute expression so his friends would laugh.

In their dorm, Baekhyun have the closest relationships with Chanyeol and D.

EXO’s Baekhyun Isn’t Happy About Rumors Of Him And Taeyeon Getting Back Together?

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