Read More What patients say about Smile Pad The appointments work very well, I always get a text to remind me in advance. When being treated I get shown any x-rays and explained any procedures. I always get informed about how much a filling would cost. The treatment itself is very fast, efficient, professional and even pain free!! What a great dentist. Baukje Zitman-Holmes Having recently retired I was looking for a dentist nearer to home rather than my previous work place; I was also never very impressed with the way staff at my previous dentist spoke to patients. My experience of the dentist, hygienist and reception staff at Clare Street has been exceptionally positive. I feel as though

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References House calls provide a unique perspective on patients’ environment and health problems. The demand for house calls is expected to increase considerably in future decades as the U. Although study results have been inconsistent, house calls involving multidisciplinary teams may reduce hospital readmissions and long-term care facility stays.

Common indications for house calls are management of acute or chronic illnesses, and palliative care. Medicare beneficiaries must meet specific criteria to be eligible for home health services. In addition to performing a clinical assessment, house calls may involve observing the patient performing daily activities, reconciling medication discrepancies, and evaluating home safety.

Each pad can have up to four voices assigned to it and then triggered all at once in Stack Mode, triggered one-after-another each time the pad is struck in Alternate Mode, held until the pad is hit again in Hold Mode, or you can set the pads to trigger different assigned voices based on how hard the pad is .

The size and shape of the attenuator depends on its ability to dissipate power. RF attenuators are used as loads for and as known attenuation and protective dissipation of power in measuring RF signals. Guitar amplifier Component values for resistive pads and attenuators[ edit ] This section concerns pi-pads, T-pads and L-pads made entirely from resistors and terminated on each port with a purely real resistance.

All impedance, currents, voltages and two-port parameters will be assumed to be purely real. For practical applications, this assumption is often close enough. The pad is designed for a particular load impedance, ZLoad, and a particular source impedance, Zs. The impedance seen looking into the input port will be ZS if the output port is terminated by ZLoad.

The impedance seen looking into the output port will be ZLoad if the input port is terminated by ZS.

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I’m not ashamed, in fact when my mom was here and I was in the thick of it, I wore just depends and a nursing bra in front of her for the first week. I might try that this time around. My bleeding was heavy for a while and pads always made me feel itchy and uncomfortable L LexB3Pink How much can a depend hold?? I certainly felt more comfortable wearing the mesh undies with the giant hospital pad the first few days to a week.

The AIRCAT CV is a Central Vacuum Orbital Palm Grip Sander with a 3″ Hook & Loop Pad and includes a Polishing Bonnet. The Orbit is 3/16″. The Patented double sealed motor prevents dust contamination and is Lube Free.

This powerful, all-in-one percussion pad suits beginners and experts alike, accommodating different levels of playing, as well as a wide variety of playing styles and performance situations. The 12 stepped pads make this unit as compact as it is limitless. Infinite usability You can use the DTX-MULTI 12 in many ways, such as using the percussion pad in combination with acoustic drums and percussion to accent music with a rich variety of voices, transferring data to the connected computer where you can compose music with the included Cubase AI-5 program, and connecting kick and hi-hat pedals sold separately to create a compact drum set.

Unlimited sonic possibilities In addition to a broad spectrum of voices taken from the MOTIF-series synthesizers, the DTX-MULTI 12 also features many new percussion sounds that have been collected through Yamaha’s advanced sampling techniques and ready-to-use effect sounds for a grand total of 1, voices. Great-sounding reverb and chorus effects can be applied to entire drum kits, but there is also a Variation effect unit that can be used to enhance individual voices in many exciting ways through compression and EQ.

A five-band master EQ adds yet another level of sound sculpting possibilities. You can easily start and stop patterns by simply striking the pads. In addition, you can record your own performances as patterns or create patterns on a PC. These patterns can then be assigned to pads. Using the Tap Tempo function, you can set the tempo for patterns and the click track by simply striking pads. In this way, you can conveniently and intuitively set the tempo that you need.

Play modes The DTX-MULTI 12 provides a number of playing modes and features that enable performers to directly express their art and talent by making the pads more or less sensitive.

The “Ins” and “Outs” of Resistor Pads, July Electronics World

Power Attenuator An infinitely variable power absorbing device that allows your amp to breathe and your guitar to sustain. The ultimate volume control. The Jim Kelley Power Attenuator is designed to allow you to control the volume of your amplifier by adjusting the amount of power delivered to the speaker. This allows you to turn your amp up so it can achieve its best tone, while the Power Attenuator maintains precise control of your volume.

An L-Pad is an infinitely variable power divider that, when combined with a speaker, maintains constant load impedance over its range of adjustment.

Merlin2 Hook Loop Grit Sanding Discs. Merlin2 Hook Loop Grit Sanding Discs in the ″ diameter in a package of 10 discs. Note that we stock and promote the ″ sanding discs. These ″ discs will overlap the H&L sanding pads giving a flawless finish.

An efficient in vitro propagation method for Caralluma edulis was developed. Abstract Caralluma edulis Edgew. Poor reproduction and seed set have put adverse pressure on native populations of this endemic and slow multiplying plant of Indian Thar Desert. Though it is categorized as endangered plant species, there is need for revision of its status as this species can be spotted rarely in its habitat.

There is also need for development of non-conventional methods for propagation and conservation of C. Therefore, in vitro methods are good alternative for multiplication, propagation and germplasm conservation of this nutraceutically important plant. We used nodal segments obtained from field grown plants as explant for culture initiation. Murashige and Skoog medium containing 6-benzyladenine BA 2. A high rate In vitro produced shoots were rooted under in vitro as well as ex vitro conditions.

Half strength MS medium containing 1. Rooted plantlets by both methods were hardened under different conditions of humidity and temperature in the greenhouse.

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We also make it easy to purchase hook and loop tape by the roll or in bulk and offer wholesale volume discounts! Your hook and loop straps can even be reinforced with polypropylene webbing. We can also cut and mate your hook to your loop, die cut your hook and loop, and manufacture straps in any size, material, color, or quantity. If your application is unique, we can create custom product solutions for your home or business.

Please feel free to contact us over the phone or use the link below to reach us via email.

L-Pad is a level control used in passive speaker systems to attenuate (reduce) power to the tweeter in a 2-way system as well as the mid speaker in a 3-way system. Most mid range speakers and tweeters are approx +6dB more efficient than woofers.

The opinions below are his own and do not necessarily represent anything ‘official’. You can email him with questions, criticism, or saucy photos of Sigourney Weaver at lmundy attbi. I might add, Larry’s experiance in this area is an exceptionally honest and useful read for anyone considering the impact of running Drums or a Bass instrument thru a PA system, with a number of options.

Most drummers still do. And, you can practice with headphones at 3 AM. And you can carry many electronic drumsets, in a ‘folded’ state, with one hand, whereas with conventional drums you are carrying maybe a hundred cubic feet of trapped air around in big empty containers. Within a week I was scheming how I could gig with them and leave those five big wooden shells at home. With a little modification to the cheaper aspects of my cheap set, treated elsewhere on the web http: Soon you will see my ‘acoustic’ drumset on eBay.

First, though, a few bits of reality therapy: Although electronic drums can sound really fine, electronic cymbals are nothing like real cymbals and generally suck. Each is either a ‘crash’ or a ‘ride’ and puts out one sound that sort of resembles real cymbals.

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Here are some of the deals I found there. I only bought four because that was all that was on the shelves. I bought one for each girl since I had two coupons. I think for some reason I ended up paying for one of these since it appears that it took 3.

Spend some time setting up your module, particularly the sensitivity and crosstalk settings, so that one pad doesn’t trigger another. Have your bass player put that giganto cabinet facing your set close-up and play scales from open E to the highest thing he’s got, and see if anything he does triggers a drum sound.

The parts are not inexpensive, nor the layout quick to implement, and for good reason – they sound better! I’ve received a number of questions from prospective builders about part substitutions and construction techniques, so I thought it would be a good idea to present a few thoughts on the subject for your consideration. Capacitors My circuits specify Hovland Musicaps.

Hovlands are truly premium items, and are available from Michael Percy Audio www. There are two other brands available at lower cost I can also recommend, Auricap and Kimber Kap. Auricap is the successor to Sidereal, one of my all-time favorites.

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Price is affordable, Pads do a very good job. Used several to clean ceilings, walls hardwood floors, and doors. Thank you Reviewed by Anna L.

Merlin2 Hook Loop Grit Sanding Discs. Pack of 10 discs. No other company than KA offers oversize sanding discs like these Hook & Loop Sanding Discs.

I left the Dayton event with some strong misgivings about the current state of DIY. I had hoped to hear designs that I would be blown away by—something so superior that I would want to rush home and build. If the examples I heard were any indication, most of them were being built by men who were trying to come up with designs that sounded flat on-axis to a microphone connected to a computer program.

They will probably all evolve some more as I keep running more experiments. If what you want is a DIY design that sounds a lot like the majority of those I heard at Dayton , there is no shortage of plans posted on the Web, and you should probably look elsewhere than here. If you believe that the route to good quality sound is by buying high-end, expensive parts, these are likely not the designs for you either. Now that I have described the characteristics of builders who are not going to be happy with my designs, I can better explain where I am coming from.

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Crossovers and Level Controls Replacing speakers will make a big difference in the sound quality, but you’ll need to add a couple of components to the mix to help ensure the best overall sound. Crossovers We’ve already mentioned that no single speaker can reproduce the entire audio frequency spectrum: So how do we split up the audio signal produced by the sound system into these different ranges?

Novation Launchpad Arcade is an online player that lets your remix tracks right in the browser; on your iOS or Android device, Mac or PC.

See articles from Electronics World , published May – December All copyrights hereby acknowledged. Nothing has change in the design and application of resistive attenuator pads since this article appeared in a issue of Electronics World. It could be legitimately reproduced verbatim in the August issue of any magazine. The result is an attenuator that does not present exactly the desired input and output impedances or the exact attenuation value.

More precise values are I have fairly comprehensive coverage of resistive attenuators on RF Cafe with equations for both balanced and unbalanced “pi” and “T” pads for both equal and unequal terminations. Here is an article on resistive pads from a issue of Electronics World. B, C What each end of pad sees looking at opposite, loaded end. These ever-present matching and attenuating networks are often taken too much for granted in service and other electronic work.

A pad is a network of resistors. It’s as simple as that.

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